We run a cow-calf operation of Angus cross cattle. Our cattle live on pasture, and are fed grass, hay that we bale ourselves, and feed we grind ourselves from components we grow ourselves. We take pride in achieving optimal wellness in our herds with respect for each animal.


We farm ground we own and also rent additional acreage in the area; raising primarily corn, soybeans, and wheat. We study and carefully plan our soil nutrients, seed choices, planting and crop growth, and equipment. We perform with precision including mapping.

Mama's Blog

Life at Foxtail Farms gives Mama plenty to write about, and Mama loves photography. Check out the blog for raw, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, sometimes joy filled stories about the happenings around the farm.

Check out Mama's Blog...

Since 1993

Our Mission at Foxtail Farms

Praise. Respect. Advocate.

Educate. Learn. Grow.

Praise: We praise and thank Him daily for the blessings He continues to bestow on our family and our farming operation.

Respect: We deeply respect the land and livestock God has entrusted us with, and want to teach others to do the same.

Advocate: We strive to advocate for the land, the livestock, our fellow farming families, the agricultural practices we believe in, and the industry as a whole.

Educate: We hope to educate others about our way of life, how we care for the land and livestock, and why we do what we do the way we do it.

Learn: We seek new knowledge and education for ourselves as we work to raise desirable yields in our crop, healthy lives in our cattle, and joyful, strong lives for our family.

Grow: We aim to nurture our family farming operation for continuous growth by setting short and long term goals and working diligently to achieve them.