We run a cow-calf operation of Angus cross cattle. We also raise premium grass fed, grain-finished beef for individuals interested in knowing exactly where their meat comes from and exactly how it was raised. We raise these beef from birth to butcher.  Our beef live on mixed grass pastures, and are fed hay we cut and primarily feed or grain we grow and grind right here at Foxtail Farms.




We farm both ground we own, and ground we rent. Own land in or around Howard, Randolph, or Boone County and looking for someone to respectfully farm it? Interested in a renter with strong communication skills, utmost respect for the land, and a mindset of growth and precision? Give us a call or email, we'd be happy to dialogue with you about the opportunity to expand our operation with inclusion of your acreage.


Farm fresh eggs

Our two little Farmhers help care for a flock of free-range chickens who produce a beautiful rainbow of savory eggs. We currently sell to just family and friends. Our chickens are raised from day-old chicks and enjoy ranging during the day, and are safely cooped at night. You'll probably see them over on Mama's Blog pretty frequently.

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questions? Just holler!

We believe in transparency and truth and are happy to field questions about our cattle, crop, or life here at Foxtail Farms! Interested in reserving a half or whole beef? or interested in talking with us about crop potential? Shoot us an email or give us a call.

Email: foxtailfarmsinc@gmail.com

Phone: 573-289-1025